Passing the Pharmacy Tech Test

Now, I live in Texas, but I do assume that all the pharm tech tests in other states are the same, if not at least highly similar. I studied for a day and passed it easily. If you’re not the time to cram, then really do take time to study it. 

1. I see a lot of study guides that make you study the human anatomy, and how a certain medication works, and all of that. First of all, this is a pharm tech test, you don’t need to know those. The publishers probably put those stuff in there to make the book thicker so they can charge you more for it. Second of all, even if you do know all of this, you are not qualified to answer any of these questions at all. 

2. Know your math. 80% of my questions were math. You get a calculator, just know how to solve it. Conversions. IV flow rate. Easy. They are all conversions and ratio. 

3. Brand, generic drug names. I did get some questions on this and I don’t know if I got them right or not. But honestly, who is gonna sit there and memorize the thousand and thousand of drugs. Before you take the test, just quickly skim through it. I just got 2-3 questions on this. 

4. A D E K - fat soluble vitamins. 

5. Know the SIG codes. Most important one, PO TID QID QD PC AC OU OD. 

6. There are a lot of conversions listed in the book, but I found that this is the most important. kg-> lb. oz->ml. tsp->ml. Any thing about drams grains etc is unnecessary

Well those are the things on the top of my mind. If anyone else has any other tips, please add!